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deep tissue + relaxation

an intuitive treatment to promote deep relaxation and a sense of reconnection with yourself and your body. time and space to unwind, to leave you feeling relaxed, rebalanced and released.

combining elements such as deep tissue work, trigger point release, myofascial release, gentle mobilisations and stretching, holistic massage can relieve muscular aches and pains, tension headaches, stress, and can improve sleep patterns, energy levels and circulation.

at the start of our session, we will discuss what your wishes are for the treatment and how you’d like to work together today.

sports + remedial


this treatment will often focus on a specific issue or area of the body. it can help relieve muscle soreness, aid recovery from injury, address postural imbalance, and help prepare for or recover from performance. we will consider how you are using your body in daily life, and may look at strengthening and stretching exercises for beyond the treatment room.

i treat many circus artists, acrobats, ultra-runners, climbers, manual labourers and healthcare professionals. you don’t need to be an athlete to receive this treatment, it can benefit you however physical your lifestyle.

pregnancy massage

massage during pregnancy can be a supportive and healing experience. it can help to relieve headaches, oedema, heavy legs and the muscular tensions common in pregnancy such as tightness in the back, glutes and hips. It can also reduce anxiety, promote well-being and total relaxation - beneficial for both mother and baby. these treatments will take place whilst lying on your side, combining massage + acupressure points with gentle mobilisations + stretching. available from the second trimester. please check with your midwife that they are happy for you to be treated.


60 minutes : £50

90 minutes : £70

120 minutes : £90
treatment bundles

discounts avaialable on blocks of 3 and 6 treatments

when purchased as a package. please get in touch for details.  

if you’d like a massage but are not sure where to begin,

just get in touch and we can work out which treatment is
right for you at this time. 

find out more

please look through faq's to find out more

60 minute bespoke massage

remedial, sports, deep tissue or holistic massage. adapted to your body.

90 minute bespoke massage

remedial, sports, deep tissue or holistic massage. adapted to your body.

120 minute bespoke massage

remedial, sports, deep tissue or holistic massage. adapted to your body.

what clients say

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Robyn, artist & director

"Laura is my go to for a really good, restorative, therapeutic massage. Laura is attentive and intuitive and her strong hands totally sorted out my back and shoulders, enough to fall asleep on the massage table. I hadn’t been that relaxed in weeks. I thoroughly recommend her.
All the stars!"
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