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asked questions

what should I expect from my first session?

before your first session, you will need to fill in an online questionnaire on your previous medical history,
to check we are safe to go ahead with treatment. I will send you the link in advance.

when you arrive, we will have a chat about your aims for the session, why you booked in, and what kind
of massage is going to be most suitable for you today. if relevant, i may do a quick postural assessment.
for this, you would normally wear underwear, or bring shorts and a vest top to change into
– depending on what you are comfortable with.

i will leave the room to allow you to get undressed and comfortable on the table. after the treatment, if i think it might be useful, i will give you some home care advice, such as stretches or strengthening exercises.

what do I wear?

your comfort is key when it comes to massage. if you feel better keeping your clothes on during your treatment, i will find a way to work around this. it might make it a little more difficult to work on certain areas. when my clients get undressed, i leave the room, unless they tell me they are happy for me to stay. during treatment, clients will be covered with drapes, and i will only uncover the part of the body that I am working on. I always ask my male clients to keep their underwear on.

do I have to play sports to get a sports massage?

this is one of the biggest misconceptions about sports massage.
you certainly don’t need to be an athlete to receive sports massage!
it is simply a more targeted, sometimes deeper kind of massage. it can help address an acute or
reoccurring injury, which can include those that aren’t sustained during exercise.
a sports massage session may include stretches and mobilisations, deep tissue work, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and other more advanced techniques.

how often should I have massages?

this really depends on your circumstances. if you have an acute injury (after the inflammation subsides),
or if you have a particularly tight area, i would advise having 3-6 sessions in quick succession
- so weekly or bi-weekly. after that, the sessions can be spread out a little more.
in general, having a massage session every 3-4 weeks is a great way to maintain the positive effects
of massage, such as stress reduction, better sleep and muscle tension reduction.

are there any risks with massage?

massage is a wonderful therapy that has countless positive health benefits. however, there are some rare cases when massage should be avoided or - at least - delivered by a specially trained therapist.

those cases include the following:

blood clots - there are a few risk factors for blood clots, such as certain medication, injury, surgery or in rare cases, pregnancy. massage may dislodge the entire or part of the clot, which could be very dangerous. these cases are extremely rare and a person with a blood clot will in most cases present with deep (unexplained) pain, sometimes swelling or skin discolouration around the location of the clot. i would not work with anyone with similar symptoms for their own safety and would refer them to their gp for further testing.


brittle bones - this is either a congenital condition or something that develops later in life, perhaps through osteoporosis or arthritis. people with brittle bones can still enjoy and benefit from massage, but they must warn their therapist and ask for lighter pressure to avoid bone fractures.


skin infections - anyone with a potentially infectious skin condition should avoid going for massage until it clears to avoid passing it on to the therapist or other clients. if you have a cold sore, warts or athlete's foot, that’s fine - just let me know and i will avoid working on the affected areas. massage elsewhere on the body is perfectly safe. i always wash my hands between clients and clean sheets to avoid spreading any infections.


other undiagnosed/serious conditions - unexplained pain, heart and neurological conditions should, of course, always be treated with caution. it’s best to get the all-clear from your primary health care provider before booking a massage session. people undergoing cancer treatment can benefit from massage greatly, but it’s best to find a therapist who has been trained specifically in oncology massage.

am I too big / small / hairy / other?

no, you are definitely not!

i strongly believe every body deserves looking after and massage can be enjoyed by everyone. i will work with your feedback and use bolsters and pillows to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

if you have a lot of body hair, I will just use a bit more oil so there is no uncomfortable pulling. body hair is natural regardless of what gender you identify as. whether you choose to keep it or not is entirely your prerogative, but please know I expect there to be body hair and you do not need to shave before a massage.


i am passionate that massage should be accessible for all. however, if you experience body dysphoria, i understand that getting undressed and having someone touch you can be an anxiety-provoking experience. i can work around clothing and binders if you would like to keep them on. if you want to take them off but would like extra draping over your chest for example, we can put an extra towel over just your chest. most importantly, I am here to listen to you and your body's needs - massage i not a 'one size fits all' therapy and we can create a bespoke experience that helps you feel safe and relaxed. 

is massage safe during pregnancy?

yes, massage is perfectly safe to receive during pregnancy, including the first trimester. if anything, massage can only benefit a pregnant person as it can help reduce stress levels, improve sleep, alleviate muscle aches and tightness. i have a certification in pregnancy massage and you can book in specifically for this. there are some exceptional circumstances if you are having a high-risk pregnancy, for which massage may not be advisable. in such cases it is important to check with your primary health care provider whether it is safe to receive massage.

how do I book and pay for my appointment?

appointments can be arranged by email, phone or text.  to confirm and book an appointment time you will need to complete an online medical form and to pay for the treatment via BACS. I will send you all this information via email. once the medical form and payment are complete, your booking is secured. please bear in mind the 24-hour cancellation policy.

what is your cancellation policy?

my time is committed to you as soon as we arrange an appointment and it is added to my calendar. however, i understand that your plans have to change sometimes. to ensure my consistent income, i kindly ask you to give me at least 24 hours’ notice when you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. this allows me to offer your appointment time to someone else and saves me from needing to charge you. cancelled
or re-arranged session with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable.

the best way to contact me if you need to re-schedule or cancel your session is by calling or
texting me on 07880349295. if there is no answer, please leave me a voicemail.
i don’t check my emails regularly when I work.

i appreciate your understanding and respect of my cancellations and re-scheduling policy.

what type of massage do you offer?

i offer remedial, sports, holistic, deep tissue and pregnancy massage.  you can read more about these on my treatments page. i operate a zero-tolerance policy for solicitations of any kind. inappropriate requests or behaviour are taken seriously and will result in immediate termination of treatment.

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